Productivity Innovation

Amount: A term loan funding up to 100% of a project with a minimum contribution of $ 50,000.

In the form of a term loan, the Productivity innovation financial solution offers advantageous and flexible terms, so that you have greater leeway in the planning and implementation of your innovative projects.

Eligibility Criteria

All companies operating in Quebec that wish to improve their competitiveness through innovation and productivity and that are part of the following sectors *:

  • Primary agriculture **
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Retail business
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Waste management and remediation services

* Exclusions may apply. Note that starts are excluded.

** Businesses that are not eligible for Financière agricole du Québec programs could benefit from funding from Investissement Québec.

Eligible Projects

Working capital and fixed assets related to innovative projects allowing in particular to demonstrate a capacity to increase the productivity of a company. Innovation projects can relate to a product, a process, a marketing or an organizational approach, for example:

  • Innovative approach towards the adoption of technologies (e.g. consulting and expert fees, study fees, etc.)
  • Acquisition of innovative equipment aimed at improving productivity (e.g. automation, robotization, etc.)
  • Integration of information technologies to improve process efficiency (e.g. software, software package, etc.)
  • Development of new ways to market products (e.g. e-commerce platform, etc.)
  • Improvement or development of new products (e.g. R & D costs, etc.)
  • Implementation of a new organizational process in order to be more agile (ex.  consulting fees, etc.)


A term loan funding up to 100% of a project with a contribution of $ 50,000 or more.