Capital Injection

Capital Injection solution is right for your business if:

  • You are struggling to find financing for your business or project
  • You are not getting the best deal on financing from your existing funder
  • Interest on existing debts went out of control

Our Approach to Capital Injection

  • Analyze financing and cash needs beyond government funding.
  • Search for the best financing options leveraging our network of traditional and non-traditional financial services providers.
  • Present options.
  • Negotiate and Secure Capital.
  • Develop budgets, cash flow plans, and/or business plans as applicable to support applications for financing.

Timeline for Capital Injection

  • Up to 3 weeks to provide you with an individual Plan.
  • The implementation timeline depends on the scope of the Plan.


  • Cost of the Plan Development – $750 + tax.
  • The implementation fee depends on the Plan and will be quoted upon its completion.


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Even if your business has a long-standing relationship with its primary financial institution, which should be the case, you can still benefit from shopping around for the best financing deal. The key benefit of our service is that your banker only gives you the capital injection options available in their financial institution, while we are scouting the entire lending universe in Canada to find the best deal for you.

Businesses younger than 3 years old can also benefit from this service but at present, we do not offer this service for startups looking to secure angel or venture capital.

If your business has a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), it is usually their job to monitor and proactively address capital needs. However, we are happy to provide input to your CFO by developing a custom capital injection plan.