Grants for Foreign Investors to Canada

There are dozens of government grants, loans, tax credits, and other incentives to support foreign investors in bringing their business to and creating jobs in Canada. If you are a multinational company interested in establishing your manufacturing, research & development, or agri-food facility in Canada, all levels of government will support your project.

Grants for Foreign Investors to CanadaIn Canada, the Federal government typically offers interest-free loans through one of the Regional Economic Development Agencies. Those agencies cover major provinces (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) or regions (Atlantic, Prairies and North). Interest-free loans can cover up to 50% of eligible project expenses including construction or renovation of the facility, purchasing equipment and technology, training new employees, and more.

The repayment of the Federal interest-free loan starts 12 months following project completion and takes 5 to 7 years.

It is also worth noting that there are special incentives for the clean tech sector, large-scale decarbonization projects, and helping Canada achieve net-zero emission targets.

In addition, each province and territory has its incentive programs which could be grants, interest-free loans with forgivable components, or tax credits. Although the rules vary from province to province, foreign investors can secure an additional 10%-20% of the project costs. These incentives are offered by provincial investment agencies like Invest Ontario, Investissment Quebec, Invest Alberta, or the provincial and territorial governments directly.

The same programs are also available for domestic investors and established Canadian businesses that are looking to expand.

Securing Grants for Foreign Investors to Canada

At Fair Grant Writing we help foreign investors to:

  • Identify Federal, provincial, and territorial incentives in Canada.
  • Gather information to prepare funding applications.
  • Write a compelling application and all supportive documentation such as financial projections, gathering market research data to support market feasibility of investment, etc.
  • Fill out claims and reports following approval of the grant, loan or tax credit
  • Ongoing support of our clients post-investment and applying for other grants and incentives.

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