Implement Lean Practices with Canada-Ontario Job Grant

We’d like to remind you that Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG) program is still open for applications and provides great opportunities for Ontario businesses to invest in skill training and embrace the latest best practices and approaches for efficient operation and smooth process setup.

One of the innovative approaches coming under spotlight recently is Lean Methodology which, when integrated properly, can streamline business operations, boost their efficiency, and address lack of resources.

It’s crucial for businesses to understand how they can leverage Lean Practices to their full potential, so our partners at CTM have prepared an insightful overview about application of Lean methodology in the company management. The article also dwells on:

  • why Lean principles are essential for automation investment;
  • Critical Lean Starting Points for any company;
  • Value Stream Mapping and Automation Rollouts methods;
  • Inevitability of Industry 4.0 and its tools (cloud computing, IoT, simulation etc).

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As Lean practices is becoming an indispensable part of business management, do not miss opportunity to integrate them into your organization with Canada Ontario Job Grant and get funding of up to $10K per trainee.

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