Business Scale-up and Productivity: BSP Program for Ontario

Amount: No-interest, repayable contributions from $500,000 up to $10 million per project

About Ontario Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) Program

The FedDev Ontario Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) program provides governmental support for businesses in southern Ontario to drive their scale up and productivity. This FedDev Ontario grant offers no-interest repayable contributions (government loans) with repayment which can be made within a year since the project has been completed.

With Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSP) grant, Canadian government supports small business in Ontario as they adopt innovative technologies to boost scale-up, productivity, and enter new markets to become globally competitive.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be located in southern Ontario.
  • Canadian or provincially incorporated businesses.
  • Indigenous organizations such as Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • Co-operatives.
  • Minimum of five (5) full time employees.
  • Market/industry demand (e.g., how the project addresses a significant gap in the market; global opportunity to be seized within Canada; and evidence that southern Ontario is uniquely positioned to capture market share).
  • Financial capacity to complete the project and repay the contribution in full.
  • A viable project plan with achievable outcomes, supported by verifiable cost estimates.

Eligible Activities

  • Demonstration of leading edge technologies and/or processes in an operational setting. Activities would normally fall within (TRL 7-9).
  • Late-stage technological development to support new markets and/or new industrial applications of technology.
  • Increasing business management capacity by building high-performance teams, adopting best management practices, processes and systems.
  • Commercializing/producing new innovative products, processes or services.
  • Acquiring, adapting or adopting leading-edge technologies/processes.
  • Customer and market development, expansion or diversification to support business growth and integration in global value chains and an initial sale.

Eligible Cost

  • Labour
  • Expertise
  • Non-Capital
  • Capital