Discover Our New Services at the N3 NGen Manufacturing Summit

We would like to remind you about the upcoming N3 NGen Manufacturing Summit, which will take place on February 8 in Toronto. Make sure to stop by our booth at the event and use a special discount code N3Summit40 to get your attendee pass for a reduced price.

As we gear up for this special event, we’re excited to unveil our two new services which help businesses leverage their available and potential financial resources:

Cost Reduction & Recovery Service

Even if your business is profitable, which it should be, it can still benefit from controlling and reducing its expenses. Within our Cost Reduction & Recovery Service, you get a custom expense reduction strategy in up to 3 weeks to help your business:

  • minimize losses
  • prevent losing more money than expected
  • get your expenses in control

Capital Injection Service

Capital Injection Service is a right and must-have solution for your business if:

  • you are struggling to find financing for your business or project
  • you are not getting the best deal on financing from your existing funder
  • interest on existing debts went out of control

To find the best financial deal for your company, we will analyze financing and cash needs beyond government funding, search for the best financing options leveraging our network of traditional and non-traditional financial services providers, develop budgets, cash flow and business plans.

Interested in any of these services? Fill out the form below.