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What the new Canada Recovery Hiring Program is about?

As the economy reopens and most businesses return to pre-pandemic revenues, the Federal government will gradually phase out the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program (CEWS). The last eligible period ends on September 25, 2021. The % of the subsidy will gradually decrease month after month.

However, the pandemic did not impact all businesses equally, and some will continue to struggle for some time. This is exactly what the new Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP) is for. CRHP will run until November 20, 2021. It is available for businesses that experienced at least a 10% revenue drop due to the impact of the pandemic compared to the previous periods. The rates of that subsidy will be fixed depending on the period.

If your business continues to struggle for the next few months, both CEWS and CRHP will co-exist, and you will apply for whichever gives you the maximum subsidy. The application is available on the CRA website, under My Business Account section.

Fill out the Eligibility Check form proactively at http://www.fgwinc.ca/eligibility, and we will contact you when the details of the above programs are announced.

Is your CEWS application right?

As you may have heard, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) was extended through the summer of 2021.

We understand that you may have applied for the subsidy yourself or had a third party to do so. Was the calculation completed accurately? Have you maximized your benefits? Have you applied for all eligible periods?

To get you a piece of mind, we are introducing a new service – CEWS Audit. We will:

  1. Validate your eligibility for CEWS.
  2. Check the accuracy of calculations and claims.
  3. Ensure the paperwork is in order in case of a future audit.
  4. Adjust applications if we can maximize the subsidy for you.

Are you ready to get a piece of mind and a qualified second opinion?
If so, reply to this email and we will discuss the next steps with you.


What’s in a Throne Speech for You?

Yesterday in his Throne Speech the Prime Minister announced the extension of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) through the summer of 2021. The program reimburses up to 75% of the salaries if your sales are down due to pandemic. This extension is important because it provides the funding option to those businesses that are not impacted by the pandemic yet, but may be impacted in months to come.

However, before the extension becomes a law it has to be passed by the Parliament. And last night the opposition leaders clearly demonstrated that it won’t be an easy vote. So be patient and stay tuned to our updates.

If you missed the speech and curious what else is there, check out this link.

Does your business qualify for the above and other government funding programs? Fill out Eligibility Check form at http://www.fgwinc.ca/eligibility to find out.