Intake for Canada Digital Adoption Program is closing

We would like to inform you that the Canada Digital Adoption Program will be closing its intake soonOver the last year, demand for the Program has been unprecedented. The Canada Digital Adoption Program has received over 21,000 claims since it began and another 10,000 businesses are currently working with their advisors.

Due to this incredible demand and success, CDAP’s Boost Your Business Technology grant is almost fully subscribed, and intake for new applications will be closing in the coming days.

For CDAP applicants:

  • All clients who have an existing valid grant agreement, or who apply before the application intake closes, will continue to be eligible for reimbursement once they submit their claim.
  • BDC will continue to offer its 0% interest loan to eligible businesses beyond Boost Your Business Technology’s closing date.
  • Applicants can continue to get implementation support through the youth wage subsidy component.

The case of the Canada Digital Adoption Program closing its intake earlier this year clearly demonstrates why it’s so crucial not to wait and apply for the grant opportunities right now while they are still available.