Good News! Export Funding Programs Are Back!

Finally, export funding programs are back after being on hold for almost 2 months. So, if you are interested in going to international trade shows, hiring
export manager, export market entry planning and some other export-import related activities for your business, pay attention to the following Government programs:

For instance, this grant covers international trade shows, fairs and exhibits as well as incoming and outgoing missions; conducting market research for more precise international market targeting and much more. 

This particular grant can cover you hiring an export manager for your business that is very attractive for many of our clients as our experience shows.

SMART Assessment Southern Ontario

Among the cost covered by this grant there is a market analysis aiming to expand existing or into new markets and other operational assessments.
This grant for Northern Ontario businesses also covers costs of different operational assessments including a market analysis aiming to expand existing or into new markets.

As always, you can find more details about these Government programs just clicking on the provided links or calling me at 647-535-2970 any time.Igor Chigrin

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P.S. Don’t forget that Win Global Partners, our sister company, is a qualified consultant for SMART Assessments. If you want to check how you are doing on export, and expand your export sales, Win Global Partners can help you and  the Government will pay 50% of your export development cost.