Empower your business growth with BSP Program: Partner Feature

As the Spring 2024 intake for the Business Scale-up and Productivity program is now open, businesses in Ontario have a chance to get an interest-free government loan to complete large-scale expansion, adopt innovative technologies, scale-up, boost productivity, and enter new markets to become globally competitive.

The government reimburses 50% of eligible project costs. The loan is disbursed every quarter and repaid over 5 to 7 years after the completion of the project.

Explore Solutions to Scale Up Your Productivity

Gearing up for the current intake of the Business Scale-Up and Productivity program, we’re thrilled to share valuable insights and support resources through our partners at Building Perspective, experts in providing tailored solutions to support business scale-up endeavors.

Building Perspective offers a comprehensive suite of services, with the first three directly addressing BSP eligible expenses:

  • Greenfield warehouse selection and/or layout design
  • Correct production equipment sizing/selection and maintenance procedures
  • Designing continuous product flow with Lean Principles

Additionally, they provide:

  • ISO certification preparation
  • Lean training for high-performance teams
  • Selection of the right ERP/digital technology

To illustrate, ERP technology selection performed by Building Perspective for one of its clients enabled the business to actually save 25% of their annual software costs by purchasing the ERP selected to replace their existing collection of software. Read full case study here.

Ready to take the next step towards business growth? Reach out to Vani Pasupathy, Managing Partner at Building Perspective: vani@buildingperspective.com.