Grants for July 2017

[Business Plan] Make It Work!

Let’s talk about business plans today. Not only they help you understand your goals and how to achieve them, but also help you apply for funding by simply reusing the information you already have in your business plan. It’s important to clearly define the scope of all aspects of the business or project – from the mission, to target customers, to finances, and beyond. Get Started

[CMTS-2017] Your Promo Code Enclosed – $50 Value

It’s July only, but time flies fast. The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS-2017) that will take place in Mississauga, Ontario, September 25-28, 2017, is approaching.

If you’re interested in attending Canada’s national stage for manufacturing technologies, best practices, and industry connections, then we have good news for you.

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What is Lean and How to Implement It?

Transcript of the interview with Bill Neeve, President of Cycle Time Management, recorded in July 2017.

Igor: Hello, this is Igor Chigrin, a Business Funding Expert from Fair Grant Writing, an Ontario-based grant writing company, dedicated to helping businesses grow and solve their most pressing challenges by unlocking the access to the government funding.

Today, we’ll discuss how to avoid issues and achieve operational excellence and significantly reduce the cost through the adoption of a lean-thinking approach. Lean thinking helps businesses reduce waste, time and resources required to make the products or perform the services and there are Canadian government grants that pay for lean consulting and lean training to implement lean thinking.

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[Breaking News] This New Government Funding Program is Really Huge!

Having more than 5-year experience in the grant writing business I thought there’s nothing that could surprise me. Yet the recent announcement of the new Federal Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) has blown my mind.

Here is a couple of highlights for you to get a sense of the program: Get Started

Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

Amount: up to 50% of eligible costs

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[Book Announcement] Book ‘Get Funded’ is ready for you!

Let me share with you a secret I have worked on for several years. We are publishing a book – Get Funded! How to Find the Money to Successfully Grow Your Business and Solve its Most Pressing Challenges.

Yes, finally the book is ready and to be launched on September 25-28, 2017, during the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS-2017).
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