Grants for November 2014

[Regional Grants 2] Western & Eastern ON+ Who of your competitors got money?

Let’s continue looking at the regional grants in Ontario.¬†¬

Last time you found out about the Government programs available for Southern-Ontario businesses. If you missed it by any reason, read about them¬ here.¬†¬

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[Breaking News] SMART Program Is Back! Grant for Equipment Purchase up to…

I can’t¬†wait to share this exciting news.¬†Today, on Monday November 17, it became known that¬ SMART Prosperity¬ Now, the SO expected grant for Southern-Ontario manufacturers, is coming BACK.¬†Applications intake will start on¬†December 1, 2014.

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SMART Advanced Technologies for Global Growth (CME SMART)

Amount: $100,000

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[Regional Grants] 3 Southern-Ontario Companies Got $4,400,000 Last October. And You?

In this and a couple of next posts I’d like to show you Regional Programs for Ontario-based¬†businesses.¬ Let’s start from Southern Ontario.

Just because you operate in Southern Ontario (that includes GTA, Western & Eastern Ontario as well) you CAN and SHOULD take advantage of the following Government programs:

[Truth] Government Loans vs Bank Interest Loans


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I guess now is time to get closer to the Government loans as this type of funding is neglected unfairly very often.

Our experience shows that many business people usually know something about grants, but government loans are terra incognita for most of them. That’s why we offer you learn more about the Difference Between Government Loans And Bank Interest Loans. Get Started