[Regional Grants] 3 Southern-Ontario Companies Got $4,400,000 Last October. And You?

In this and a couple of next posts I’d like to show you Regional Programs for Ontario-based businesses. Let’s start from Southern Ontario.

Just because you operate in Southern Ontario (that includes GTA, Western & Eastern Ontario as well) you CAN and SHOULD take advantage of the following Government programs:

Investing in Business Growth and Productivity (IBGP) offers SME’s with at least of 15 employees up to $20,000,000 in non-interest loan for:

adapting or adopting new technologies, processes, and related skills development; facilities improvement or expansion; business opportunity development, growth and integration in global value chains; market development and expansion; business expansion to support greater economic diversification.

Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) offers SME’s employing less than 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions up to $1,000,000 in non-interest loan for:
business development including building high-performance teams; adopting best management practices, processes and systems; and improving governance and investment readiness; late-stage product development geared towards market diversification and growth; customer and market development; developing and implementing marketing and distribution strategies.

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Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF) delivered by FedDev offers established for-profit businesses$10,000,000 – $20,000,000 in non-interest loan for:Activities related to prototyping, demonstration projects, advanced product testing, applied research leading to a practical application; work undertaken to achieve technological advancement through the creation/improvement of existing materials, devices, products or processes; the adoption or adaptation of highly innovative products, technologies or processes that support product or process innovation: products (e.g. machinery and equipment), technologies (e.g., hardware, software), processes.

SMART prosperity Now – 2014 (temporary unavailable) offers up to $ 75,000 as a non-repayable contribution for:

Equipment Purchase and Upgrade, Independent Business Marketing Plans (new plans only); Foreign legal & Patents in foreign country, Trade Shows or Foreign Customer / Dealer Shows; Packaging redesign by third party; Foreign country regulatory approvals/testing; Customer testing of product(s); Foreign website development; Catalogs/Brochures development for foreign market by third party; Public Relations / Releases and much more.

Plus, businesses located in Southern Ontario are eligible for other non-regional Government programs like Canada Job Grant, Hiring Grants, Export Business Development Grants, etc.

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P.S. Just to give you an example of these programs in action: last month, in October 2014, 2 London-based organisations (ON), Voices.com and The Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWOAG) got a total investment of $1.4 million to contribute to the growth of innovative businesses in London.

P.P.S. Another example: on November 3rd, 2014 it became known that the Pembroke MDF industrial plant (Southern Ontario) was officially reopened and ready for business thanks to an investment of up to $3 million.

P.P.P.S Did I convince you that government funding works? Or shall I proceed with other examples? Call me at 647-535-2970 to discuss available programs for your business.