Grants for October 2014

Trick or Treat? S-R-E-D !!!

SR&ED… Are you familiar with this spooky acronym?
I’m pretty sure you are. It stands for¬†Scientific Research and Experimental Development.¬ Along with Government grants and loans it helps¬†you get money for your business.Just let me remind you,

[It may surprise you!] Employees’ Top 3 Demands

shouting man

Whether it’s your recruitment or retention strategy, make sure that you know what your employees want from an employer and their workplace. It may surprise you!

[Video] Grants & Loans: 10 Most Common Questions Answered

Youtube_10 questions

Dear Grant & Loan Applicants,

Regularly we get¬†LOTS of questions about Canadian business grants & loans from our clients. That’s why we decided to record a short video where we tried to answer 10 Most Common Questions! Get Started

Scarborough Manufacturer Got $2,075,000 From The Government [Still Think It Won’t Work For You?]

While you may still think whether it’s worth of applying for a grant or loan from the Government, whether¬†they work or not,¬ others act! And that’s great! Congratulations Celplast! Keep moving forward!Just to let you know,

[Long Weekend Reading…] And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family!

This holiday is a good opportunity to Thank You for reading and responding to our newsletters, following us on Twitter (#FairGrants) and LinkedIn (Group: Canadian Government Grants & Loans for Businesses) and at last not at least thank you for DOING BUSINESS with us and RECOMMENDING us to your colleagues, friends and partners! We really appreciate it! Get Started

Be Featured On Discovery Channel This Year!

About a week ago we got an interesting message from the SME Canada (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). It announced that the team at¬ ‚ÄėHow It‚Äôs Made‚Äô¬†television program that airs on the¬†Discovery¬†Channel¬† is looking for new manufacturing content in the Montreal area to film in the next few weeks as well as a few¬ opportunities later this year in Ontario (Nov 17-Dec 31, 2014).¬ Get Started

[And the Winner Is…] Job Grant is in Ontario!

Dear Ontario business owners,


We’ve got so many inquiries from our clients since we informed you last Friday about the recent launch of Canada Job Grant in Ontario.

Special thanks and congratulations to Werner Amsler from Amsler Equipment Inc. (Richmond Hill, ON) for replying first to our promotion. Mr. Amsler got a chance to get Canda Job Grant for his business and enjoy free grant writing services from us. Our congratulations again!

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