Trick or Treat? S-R-E-D !!!

SR&ED… Are you familiar with this spooky acronym?
I’m pretty sure you are. It stands for Scientific Research and Experimental Development. Along with Government grants and loans it helps you get money for your business.Just let me remind you,
that SR&ED is a tax incentive program that encourages Canadian businesses to participate in research and/or experimental development.

The most common question our clients ask is: Do our activities meet program’s eligibility criteria?

And again, like grant & loan application processes, I do recommend to get assistance from somebody who works with that on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in receiving substantial tax credits or cash refunds offsetting a portion of your qualifying R&D expenditures and you need help with filling out claims or you want to get a quote from alternative SR&ED consultants, give me a call at 647-535-2970 and we’ll help you find reliable SR&ED consultants with a good track record of approvals.

Happy Halloween!

Igor Chigrin
Business Funding Expert
Fair Grant Writing

P.S. Canada’s SR&ED program is one of the world’s best paying R&D tax incentive programs. Every year, over 20,000 Canadian businesses receive in excess of $4 Billion from the SR&ED program. Give me a call and we’ll help you address YOUR tax return needs!

P.P.S. If this information is new for you, just think about it now. What are your competitors doing with THEIR refunds?