Youth Job Connection

Amount: average $2,000

Employers willing to employ youth lacking workplace skills and are willing to mentor them and in addition to develop appropriate skills key to success in your company may qualify for wage support under Youth Job Connection program.

Eligibility Criteria: Youth Job Connection

  • Be a for-profit company;
  • Be willing to employ a youth worker with lack of particular skills and train that individual to work the way you want;
  • To be eligible, the potential new hire must:
    • be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the employment;
    • be unemployed
    • not be attending full-time school or training
    • be a resident of Ontario.

Eligible Cost: Youth Job Connection

  • Salary & Wages

Our Focus

  • Preparing all documents to apply for Youth Job Connection
  • Assisting in documenting all training and progress
  • Assisting in Report Writing where required