[You Can] Sell Your Product to the Government of Canada

Would you like to sell your innovative products to the Government of Canada?

You may have heard about the government procurement program called the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). It is neither a grant nor a loan but is open for Canadian companies to apply and sell innovative products to the Federal Government. Here are its basic eligibility rules:
  • Products must not have been sold commercially anywhere in the world
  • Products must be provided by Canadian companies
  • Products must include 80% of Canadian content (both material and labour components count)
  • A Canadian company must own intellectual property or rights over those products.
The maximum product cost the government will buy is $500,000 for civilian applications and $1 million for military applications.
If your product meets the criteria mentioned above and you have a government buyer (an agency or a department) in mind, let us know and we’ll help you apply for the program.
If you don’t have the products to sell to the government, please, pass this message to your clients, partners or suppliers that may benefit from the program.


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