[Webinar Invitation] Creating and Funding Robust IT Processes

Information Technology has become the central nervous system for modern businesses. Modern business is dependent on the flexibility and integration of their technology. When growth demands new systems, upgrading requires a prudent mix of wisdom and financing.

Many companies find themselves poised for growth but held back by outdated and inflexible IT systems. These systems are typically cumbersome to maintain and don’t give staff the accurate and real-time information they need to make timely decisions for the business. Time that could be spent in pursuing growth is wasted on endless data entry and validation of data. Thus, revitalizing core IT systems can significantly enable growth and improve employee morale.

IT systems typically span the entire organization, and as such, need to be transformed through a cross-functional approach and inter-departmental collaboration. While IT vendors will promote their individual solutions, Building Perspective’s experience and technology-agnostic processes can help ensure the right “technology-to-process” fit for your organization. Your staff will thank you for providing them with IT solutions that make them more productive, all without breaking the bank.

As a strategic investment in a company’s future any IT changes need to be properly financed, not only to achieve the project objectives, but to have sufficient reserves in case of the unexpected. While any major project must be approached with financial prudence, grant financing can allow a greater margin for unexpected risks.

With sufficient project planning and the guidance of Fair Grant Writing, government grant funding can be pursued to pay for components of your project while keeping your capital in reserves or to expand the project. With a holistic approach grant funding can facilitate business growth projects beyond IT.

As experts in IT process development and government grant financing, Vani Pasupathy Managing Partner, Building Perspective and Igor Chigrin, Principal, Fair Grant Writing will present a webinar “Creating and Funding Robust IT Processes” on April 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm EDT.



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