[Tricky eligibility criteria] Drill Down to Eligibility Criteria to Make Sure You Qualify

Do not let anybody or anything deceive you. Neither on April 1st, nor any other day.

Sometimes eligibility criteria of Government programs look very attractive and one may consider one’s business eligible.
Over time some other criteria appear and it gets not so easy to qualify for desired funding. 

That’s why it’s worth discussing your projects with business funding experts like Fair Grant Writing who can help you sort it out.

I’d like to share one of our clients’ case that will demonstrate such a situation. Their business was eligible for multiple government funding programs by demography & its projects qualified.However, none of capital intensive projects created any new jobs. And that’s the priority of 90% of all Canadian government funding programs. So we decided not to apply.

Keep in mind that the Government won’t give you money just to upgrade equipment or to complete your R&D. The Government is looking for the following outcomes of the projects:
  • new jobs
  • new products developed
  • new taxable revenues
  • new investments in R&D
  • new export markets
Check your eligibility by calling us at 647-535-2970 or at fgwinc.ca/eligibility and proceed only with programs your business are 100% eligible for.
Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
Fair Grant Writing
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P.S. Think you are eligible? Check again the eligibility criteria and double check the result with us.