The Markets Designated Program

Deadline: the designated Program will end on March 31, 2028.

The purpose of the Markets Designated Program is to:

    1. Support the Sector to take advantage of opportunities in existing, new, and growing markets; and
    2. Increase Sector productivity and assist businesses to meet market demand via tailored solutions to advance expansion efforts and investments in identified/unique market opportunities.

Eligible Activities

The following activities are eligible to be undertaken under the Markets Designated Program, including any Initiative established thereunder:

  1. Building awareness, education and training to improve agri-food businesses’ awareness and understanding of domestic and export markets;
  2. Planning, development and implementation of tools and resources to enable businesses to enter and grow markets or to support business with unique regional challenges or opportunities;
  3. Developing marketing materials related to buyer/consumer awareness;
  4. Local and regional food marketing, promotions, education, awareness, resources, tools, strategies, plans and development or market access, including efforts to support broader public service purchases;
  5. Applied studies and projects to develop and produce niche products and develop and test new crops, products and processes with regional considerations;
  6. Commercialization and incubators to support and develop product placement in market or processes including those with unique regional considerations;
  7. Data, analytics or modelling collaborations to improve market access or to identifying geographical gaps or market opportunities;
  8. Businesses activities, including:
    1. Developing and implementing marketing plans,
    2. Developing new products or processes,
    3. Meeting industry standards and practices,
    4. Conducting feasibility or viability assessments or audits,
    5. Developing products or processes, including evaluating those products or processes,
    6. Support for logistics and transport, and
    7. Supporting human capital/resources to support innovation, export strategies or to support agri-food infrastructure with unique regional considerations;
  9. Developing policy and programs as well as co-ordination to support businesses to maintain and expand market presence and to support and identify regional specific challenges and opportunities;
  10. Monitoring, assessments, analysis and studies to identify opportunities for market expansion, barriers to market expansion or impact of import and export; and
  11. Any activity set out in:
    1. A Recipient’s Transfer Payment Agreement or a Vendor’s Service Level Agreement, or
    2. Any Designated Program Guidelines for the Markets Designated Program or any Initiative Guidelines for any Initiative established under the Markets Designated Program,

provided that activity falls within the purpose of the Markets Designated Program.

Eligible Persons

The following are eligible to participate in the Markets Designated Program, including any Initiative established thereunder:

    1. Primary Producers;
    2. Processors;
    3. Industry Organizations;
    4. Research Bodies;
    5. Retailer/Wholesalers;
    6. Service Providers;
    7. P/T/M Governments; and
    8. Indigenous Peoples.