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Grant for Digital Resilience

Today’s news about the nationwide outage of the Rogers network and its impact on businesses reminded me how vulnerable we are to the events like this and how our businesses depend on technology.

It also prompted me to remind you that a nationwide grant can help your business become more digitally resilient. It is called Canada Digital Adoption Program. It pays 90% of the cost of the digital assessments up to a maximum of $15K.

Digital Assessment identifies your business’ digital strengths and weaknesses across several parameters, such as strategy, business model, products and services, customer experience, operations, technology, organization and cybersecurity. It will then outline clear and actionable plan how to address weaknesses including a list of specific digital technologies (e.g. software, hardware) your business needs to implement.

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Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

Amount: up to 90% of the eligible cost with maximum grant value of $15,000

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CMTS 2021: Funding to buy equipment and software

Have you attended the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show? Whether you had a chance to attend it or not, you should know about the following government funding programs that help you buy equipment and software.

  1. Canada Digital Adoption program (CDAP) is set to open in October as well. It will support technology consulting and implementation like ERP, CRM, AI, Industry 4.0 and other types of software. This program combines a grant for assessing your digital needs and an interest-free loan to acquire digital technology, up to $100K.
  2. Federal expansion funding programs like Jobs & Growth FundAerospace Regional Recovery InitiativeBusiness Scale-Up and Productivity and Strategic Innovation Fund are the interest-free government loans to support large-scale capital projects that typically include purchasing equipment and building expansion. The government provides 35% to 75% of those expenses depending on the program.
  3. If your business is located in Southwestern, Eastern or Northern Ontario, you may qualify for a provincial expansion grant of 15% of your equipment, software and building expansion expenses if all these expenses are part of a large expansion project. The programs are Southwestern ON Development FundEastern ON Development Fund, and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund.
  4. Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP) provides interest-bearing loans to purchase equipment up to $350K. However, 85% of the amount of such a loan is guaranteed by the government.
  5. Later this year, we also expect the renewal of the Ontario Automotive Modernization Program, which provides a grant of 50% of your software acquisition or upgrade program if you are part of an Ontario automotive industry.

Need help with applying for the above or other government funding programs? Fill out the Eligibility Check form now to find out if your business qualifies http://www.fgwinc.ca/eligibility.