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Agricultural Clean Technology Program

Amount: Funding 50% up to a maximum of $2 million per project.

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[Webinar Invitation] The Effect of the 2021 Election on Government Grants and Loans

We would like to invite you to the upcoming webinar The Effect of the 2021 Election on Government Grants and Loans”.

While the Federal Election returned the Liberal Government, the pandemic and realities of 2021 have affected government and industry priorities.

This webinar will discuss the Federal and Provincial changes that have already taken place and the signals arising from the Ontario Throne Speech.

The widely anticipated Digital Adoption Program will also be an area of focus.

Please register early to ensure your place.

Date and Time: Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PM EST

Seminar Speaker: Igor Chigrin – Business Funding Expert, Fair Grant Writing.

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Can’t Attend the Webinar?

Can’t attend the webinar? The recording will be posted on our YouTube channel within a week after the event – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2IGeKBHIpCtnqnPKcI1lw.

Do you qualify for government funding? Check eligibility at https://www.fgwinc.ca/eligibility.


Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program (FACTAP)

Amount: Up to 75% of eligible project costs (maximum of $1.0 million per year).

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Building the Asset Performance Loop Supported by Government Funding

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Strategies and funding to integrate machines, IIOT, and software for efficiency and profitability.


Asset Performance Management (APM) is rapidly evolving to monitor and manage equipment to optimize their performance. It is a critical new frontier for companies seeking Industry 4.0 opportunities for production or services delivery. As a new technology it is filled with opportunity for major successes and failures.


As an independent consultant, Conscious Asset will offer a candid overview of APM strategy and planning steps you can take to maximise your returns.


Fair Grant Writing will inform you about Federal and Provincial grant funding programs to support advanced industry technology implementations and training for key personnel.


Topics will include:


1. What is APM?

2. Benefits of APM

3. Components of an APM system; Condition and Process monitoring, IIOT, AI

4. Setting up an APM system

5. The APM market landscape

6. Grant Funding for APM implementation

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Canada government funding webinar


CanExport Grant

Amount: up to $50,000 CanExport Marketing Grant

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