Steel and Aluminum Initiative

Amount: Non-repayable contributions from $150,000 up to $1 million, to support up to a maximum of 45 percent of eligible project costs

Eligibility Criteria

  • For-profit firms or Indigenous organizations, located in Atlantic Canada, that employ between 10 to 499 individuals on a full-time basis in Canada.
  • Intensive users of steel or aluminum that can demonstrate plans for projects to enhance productivity or to increase competitiveness by adopting new innovative technologies.

Eligible Cost

  • Bolster the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs operating within the Canadian steel and aluminum supply chain through investments in innovative projects.
  • Productivity improvement through acquiring, adapting, adopting new technologies, and/or processes; process re-engineering; and/or improving manufacturing capacity.
  • Business scale-up through market development/expansion; diagnostics; adopting best management practices, processes and systems; and/or business opportunity development.
  • Technology commercialization such as late-stage product development geared toward market diversification and growth, such as technology showcasing and technology demonstration.