[Sorry, you’re late] This Type of Training is NO Longer Eligible

There is a good reason why we always suggest our clients apply for the government funding asap. Once in a while, the government changes the rules of the programs. And the changes are “effective immediately”. There is no advance notice.

In the beginning of May, the government of Ontario changed the eligibility rules for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), a popular funding program for skills training. According to the new rules, the following types of training programs are NO longer eligible.

  • Software training
  • Equipment operator training
  • Process implementation training
  • Executive training for larger companies (over 500 employees)
  • MBA and CFA training
  • Certain professional examination preparation training
Are you disappointed? Contact your MPP office to express your concerns. Meanwhile, you can apply for other funding programs such as Yves Landry and Automotive Suppliers programs.
If you or your clients, partners or friends consider applying for the government funding, let us know asap. Don’t wait until next time when the government changes the rules. It will be too late!
Reply to this message or fill out the Eligibility Check form to get started with your application.


Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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