Sorry, this funding program is NOT accepting applications anymore

Yesterday I conducted a routine check of available government funding in Ontario. With the great sadness I discovered that the Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF), the no interest loan from FedDev for large-scale expansion, is no longer accepting applications. 

There is a reason why I am telling people all the time that they must act immediately to secure government funding. And what happened with the AMF is the perfect illustration.

Hopefully you are not among those who procrastinate. The last thing I want to say is “sorry the funding is no longer available” when you finally make up your mind. Here is a couple of reasons why you must NOT delay to start working on your application for government funding.
  • You will never be less busy. It is a matter of your priorities. I think that the opportunity to get a couple of hundred thousand dollars from the government is worth of a couple of hours of you working with us.
  • You are not allowed to start working on the project until you get the approval from the government. There are few exceptions, but that’s the reason why your application must be filed well in advance.
  • Government funds may run out of money while you hesitate
  • Application deadline may pass while you don’t act
  • The funding programs may be put on hold all over the sudden just like the AMF
Let’s get in touch regarding your next funding application now. Reply to this email or call me directly (647) 535-2970. Don’t allow yourself to miss the opportunity.
Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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P.S. The following companies were fast enough to secure the funding from the AMF program and now enjoy long-term 0%-interest funding for their expansion. Just look: Essar Steel Algoma, Sault St. Marie, ON – $30 million; Therapure Biopharma, Mississauga, ON – $20 million; Fibercast, Stoney Creek, ON – $10 million; Baylis Medical, Mississauga, ON – $15.2 million. You may not need that much, but if you procrastinate, you are at risk of getting nothing at all. Let’s work on your next funding application now. Get in touch regarding your next funding application before it is too late. Reply to this email or call me directly (647) 535-2970