SMART Program FedNor Assessments – Northern Ontario

Amount: $15,000

FedNor is the government of Canada’s economic development organization for Northern Ontario. Through its targeted manufacturing initiative for Northern Ontario the SMART program was created to assist Northern Ontario manufacturers improve their operations. Under this program, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) can contribute 50% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $15,000 helping companies to identify opportunities in the areas of product and process improvements, quality, lean manufacturing, information systems, human resources, management systems, and market analysis.

Eligibility Criteria: SMART Program FedNor Assessments for Northern Ontario

  • Companies are not required to be a member of CME to be eligible.
  • Must be a manufacturer based in Northern Ontario
  • Must be for future work and not for any assessments that have been previously completed
  • Assessment must be completed by an approved CME SMART Qualified Service Provider (QSP)
  • Must be an incorporated business (federally or provincially) for 2 years or more.
  • Must have 5 – 500 employees at the facility
  • Funding is available for only one project per business
  • Not receiving other contributions toward the activities contained in the funding application from other government funded programs, including but not limited to;
    • University or College Funding programs
    • Export Funding programs
    • Other related government funding programs.


Eligible Costs: SMART Program FedNor Assessments for Northern Ontario

Cost of Operational Assessments (consulting fees, travel fees) by qualified experts to identify where potential operational efficiency could be achieved. Assessments can focus on areas such as:

  • productivity;
  • process flow;
  • quality (for example, ISO Certification);
  • waste reduction;
  • environmental impact (various green certifications);
  • energy efficiency (production level);
  • information systems;
  • lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma, 5S principles;
  • human resources / organizational analysis;
  • management systems;
  • market analysis (aiming to expand existing or into new markets); and
  • Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) readiness.

This program is funded by FedNor Ontario.

Our Focus:

  • Complete an application and submit a proposal form from a Qualified Service Provider (QSP)
  • Request an extension upon approval if required (Assessments must be completed within 90 days of approval notification)
  • Report expenses to CME upon completion of assessment for reimbursement by completing the Expense Claim Form

Examples of the Projects Approved by SMART Program FedNor Assessments for Northern Ontario:

The list of the projects approved by SMART Program FedNor for Northern Ontario is not available yet. Stay tuned for more information.