SMART Green Program (CME SMART)

Amount: $500,000 ($1,500,000 for multiple facilities)

SMART Green Program (CME SMART) provides non-repayable government grant that covers 50% of the cost of technologically advanced machinery, equipment and plant infrastructure upgrades that result in energy, water and gas efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emission. The maximum amount this government funding program for manufacturers provides is $500,000 per one facility or $1,500,000 per multiple facilities. The program also provides government funding for small to medium-sized businesses in Ontario for green technology and energy efficiency assessments, equipment installation and other relevant costs.

Eligibility Criteria: SMART Green Program (CME SMART Program)

  • Companies are not required to be a member of CME to be eligible.
  • Must be a manufacturer based anywhere in Ontario.
  • Must be an incorporated business (federally or provincially) for 2 years or more.
  • Must have minimum 10 full-time equivalent employees in Ontario.
  • Funding is available for capital investment projects that will deliver emission reductions, energy efficiency technologies.
  • Annual greenhouse gas emissions must be under 25,000 tonnes per year
  • Not participating in Ontario Cap & Trade Program
  • Limited to one assessment audit and one capital project per facility up to a maximum of 5 facilities
  • Project must support reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity and/or avoidance through upgrades to process/production equipment
  • Project must lead to productivity improvements, which in turn lead to lower GHG emissions on per-production-unit basis. GHG reduction either on a gross or per-unit basis is the prerequisite for all projects to be eligible.
  • Projects that do not demonstrate reductions in GHG are not eligible.

Eligible Cost: SMART Green Program (CME SMART Program)

  • Equipment purchases including
    • Equipment cost
    • Installation cost
    • Shipping cost
  • Independent Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment / Audit
    • Walk-through Assessment
    • Detailed Assessment

Our Focus

  • Writing Application for SMART Green (CME SMART) Program;
  • Writing additional supporting documentation for SMART Green program as required.
  • Assisting in Report Writing once CME SMART Green program application is approved.

Examples of Projects Funded by CME SMART Green Program

CME Smart Advanced Technologies for Global GrowthExamples will be available closer to SMART Green program launch date in October 2016.

CME SMART Green Program Presentation

Download the official CME SMART Green Program Presentation from CME website.