Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SDTF)

Amount: $200,000,000

The Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SDTF) is designed to support the development and pre-commercial demonstration of clean-tech solutions. The aim of the program is to increase each projects chances of successfully making it to the marketplace, and help Canadian entrepreneurs carry out their innovation efforts within Canada. The SD Tech Fund is geared towards projects which have an innovative and high potential clean technology at the right stage of development (beyond proof of concept, but pre-commercial) which will bring environmental and economic benefits to Canada. Additionally, projects which need to access funds and guidance in order to bring their technology successfully to market are viable for this fund. The Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) will make up to a 33% contribution over a continuous timeline.

Eligibility Criteria: Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SD Tech Fund)

  • Must be the developer or the manufacturers of the products or processes that:
    • Contribute to clean air, clean water and clean land
    • Address climate change
    • Improve the productivity and the global competitiveness of the Canadian industry

Eligible Costs: Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SD Tech Fund)

  • Late-stage development of clean technology solutions
  • Pre-commercial demonstration of clean technology solutions
  • Goods and services, labours costs, and depreciation expenses

Our Focus:

  • Complete introduction form
  • Present power-points to SDTC
  • Submit detailed proposal
  • Submit any additional documents required for review by SDTC and external experts

Examples of the Projects Approved by Sustainable Development Technology Fund (SD Tech Fund):

DarkVision Technologies Inc. will receive $3 million in SDTC funding for the development of oil and gas well imaging technology. Projects are funded through SDTC’s SD Tech Fund. This investment is part of the Government of Canada’s support of clean technology to diversify Canada’s economy, open access to new international markets, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create well-paying middle-class jobs for Canadians.The Government of Canada has allocated a total of $915 million for the fund to invest in pre-commercial Canadian clean technology projects that have the potential to meet market demand and to achieve Canada’s environmental and economic goals in priority areas. Source