Scarborough Manufacturer Got $2,075,000 From The Government [Still Think It Won’t Work For You?]

While you may still think whether it’s worth of applying for a grant or loan from the Government, whether they work or not, others act! And that’s great! Congratulations Celplast! Keep moving forward!Just to let you know,

this independent metallizer, located in Scarborough (ON), got an INVESTMENT of $2.075 million from the Government recently through the Investing in Business Growth and Productivity initiative. 

This funding is aimed at helping established businesses to expand their operations, invest in productivity improvements and compete globally. It is available for eligible small- and medium-sized enterprises and not-for-profit industry associations or regional economic development organizations.“This FedDev Ontario program is a very good one to support economic growth in Canada; particularly small business entrepreneurial growth. It helps facilitate obtaining other banking arrangements that enable us to move forward. I commend the Government for introducing this type of innovative program.” – Chuck Larsen, Chief Executive Officer, Celplast (sourced from here)

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Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert / 647.800.5006 officeP.S. FedDev Ontario’s contribution will be 25% of your budget and there’s virtually no maximum amount you could get. Are you still hesitating?!