Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

Amount: $200-$800 per Kw of energy saving

Whether it’s a lighting upgrade, motor and heating installations or new control systems, incorporating energy efficiency into your operations delivers benefits that reach far beyond your energy bill. Get the most out of equipment upgrades by contacting your local hydro company and learn more about retrofit incentives and how they can help your organization gain a competitive edge.

Eligibility Criteria: Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

Participant Eligibility Criteria

To be an eligible person under the Retrofit Program the Applicant must:

  1. a) have required rights and authority to have the Eligible Measure(s) installed;
  2. b) be Non-Residential Distribution Customers or Recognized Farm Operations that have not previously entered into a binding commitment to acquire the Measure or services required to install the Measure subject to section 1.3(c), subject to the Participant evidencing the intent to apply as determined by the LDC in its sole discretion; and
  3. c) agree to all terms and conditions in the Participant Agreement.

Project and Measure Eligibility Criteria

To be an eligible project, the proposed Project must:

  1. a) be comprised of Eligible Measures; provided, however, that a Project that is comprised only of Custom Measures may not include Prescriptive Measures without the prior written consent of the IESO;
  2. b) in the case of a Project with only Prescriptive Measures, have a minimum Participant Incentive of $100;
  3. c) in the case of a Project with Custom Measures: i) have a minimum estimated Demand Savings of 1kW and/or annual estimated Energy Savings of 2,000 kWh; and ii) must be projected to deliver such Demand Savings and/or Energy Savings for the greater of 48 months from the in-service date of the Project or until December 31, 2020;
  4. d) be based on a reasonable estimate of Demand Savings and Energy Savings for Custom Measures;
  5. e) be in respect of a single Facility connected to, or behind the meter of another electricity consumer connected to, the LDC’s Distribution System that is a Distribution Consumer, but not a Residential consumer;
  6. f) not be an Ineligible Project; and g) be located in a Facility that is connected to the Distribution System and is not classified as Residential

Eligible Cost: Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

    • Lighting and equipment energy-efficient upgrades
    • Installing energy-efficiency measures
    • Conducting electricity-focused audits in your facility

    • Evaluating and implementing energy retrofits and commissioning measures
    • Upgrading your key systems for energy efficiency
    • Having a dedicated Energy Manager on site.
    • Installing of energy-efficient measures in the home (for home builders and renovators).

Our Focus:

  • Writing Application for Save on Energy
  • Assisting in Report Writing.

Examples of Projects Funded by Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

Many companies have already been benefited from Save on Energy incentive program, some household companies and organizations including 3M Canada, Canadian Tire and University of Guelph. (Source)