Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

Amount: up to $36,800

Whether it’s a lighting upgrade, motor and heating installations or new control systems, incorporating energy efficiency into your operations delivers benefits that reach far beyond your energy bill. Get the most out of equipment upgrades by applying for Save on Energy Retrofit Program.

Eligibility Criteria: Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

You must be the owner or lessee* of:

  • Commercial spaces or buildings, such as offices, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses
  • Industrial facilities in sectors such as food and beverage, automotive, plastics, steel, mining, paper and chemical industries
  • Institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, municipal facilities
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartments (including social housing) or condominiums
  • Agricultural facilities, including dairy, swine and poultry farms, greenhouses and nurseries.

*If you lease, you must have the owner’s consent or authorization to participate.

Eligible Projects: Save on Energy Retrofit Program

Projects eligible for the Retrofit program are generally those that provide sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and electricity consumption.

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC redesign
  • Chiller replacement
  • Variable-speed drive installations

Incentives are available for a variety of products and technologies to continue to help businesses save on energy costs and increase their competitiveness.

Eligible Cost: Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

  • Lighting and equipment energy-efficient upgrades
  • Installing energy-efficiency measures
  • Conducting electricity-focused audits in your facility
  • Evaluating and implementing energy retrofits and commissioning measures
  • Upgrading your key systems for energy efficiency
  • Having a dedicated Energy Manager on site.
  • Installing of energy-efficient measures in the home (for home builders and renovators).

The complete list of incentives as of January 2021 is published here.

Our Focus:

  • Writing Application for Save on Energy Retrofit Program
  • Assisting in Report Writing.

Examples of Projects Funded by Save on Energy – Retrofit Program

Many companies have already been benefited from Save on Energy incentive program, some household companies and organizations including 3M Canada, Canadian Tire and the University of Guelph. (Source)