[Regional Grants 3] Northern Ontario

If your business is located in Northern Ontario or you know somebody from that region (client, partner or supplier), I recommend you to pay special attention to the following government programs, available exclusively for Northern Ontario. 

Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario

Provides up to 15,000 per assessment, 33% of eligible capital costs and 50% of eligible non-capital costs.

Eligible costs include

  • plant equipment purchases, including digital hardware and software that are a direct part of the manufacturing process;
  • installation and commissioning of new equipment;
  • training on the use of new equipment;
  • implementation of recommendations from an Operational Assessment, such as lean manufacturing, ISO certification, quality controls, information and communications technology or other operational and managerial improvements; and
  • modernizing the production facility through upgrades to existing production equipment (e.g., automation, robotics, ancillary systems) and others.

Provides between $250,000 – $1,000,000

Eligible costs include

  • Capital construction
  • Leasehold improvements
  • New or used equipment
  • Training costs incurred with third parties
  • Land servicing costs
  • Commercialization & technology demonstration cost and others

Northern Ontario Development Program

Provides from $31,500, 33% of capital cost and 50% of non-capital cost

Eligible non-capital costs may include:

  • Fees for professional and technical services, including market, trade and export expertise;
  • Costs related to business management training;

Eligible capital costs may include:

  • Servicing of industrial lands;
  • Leasehold improvements; and
  • Machinery, equipment and technology.

SMART – FedNor Assessments

Provide up to $15,000

Eligible costs include Operational Assessments (consulting fees, travel fees) by qualified experts to identify where potential operational efficiency could be achieved. Assessments can focus on areas such as:

  • productivity;
  • process flow;
  • quality (for example, ISO Certification);
  • waste reduction;
  • environmental impact (various green certifications);
  • energy efficiency (production level);
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Igor Chigrin
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