Proof of Concept Program

Amount: Up to 50% of the cost of the proof of concept plan to a maximum of $100,000 during the Program Period (not to exceed 12 months). The applicant will be required to contribute 50% of the cost over the Program Period.

The Proof of Concept Program is designed to help establish the commercial feasibility of innovative natural products and technologies in order to attract and de-risk subsequent investment.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Canadian SME, start-up or research institute.
  • The applicant has an innovative natural product or technology.
  • Start-ups and SMEs must have the potential to achieve $10M- $15M in annual revenue within a reasonable period for the market or sector.
  • Products or technologies being developed within research institutes must address an industry/sector challenge that has a significant market potential.
  • Member of Canada’s Natural Product Innovation Cluster.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.