[Professional Advice] Keep track of your grant applications

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with one of our clients. Their application was rejected without any explanation. In such cases it’s absolutely necessary to ask Government reps to explain the reasons.

Our client followed our advice and got an interesting answer. It turned out that couple of years ago their company applied for the other grant, but didn’t complete the final report. As their previous claim was still open at the moment when they applied for the second grant, they were rejected.But good news is that they just had to close first claim and apply again for the second grant.

At that time they applied without any help from grant writing service providers and lost track of the application and the reporting. Having someone to take care of managing grant applications could save time and money for their business.

As you read our newsletters regularly (I hope you do it:)), now you are more prepared to such situations and you know what to do even if you still try to do all the grant paper work on your own.

But if in any case you have problems or your clients, suppliers, partners have them with grant application, just give us a call at 647-535-2970 and we’ll be happy to help you or them.

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Igor Chigrin

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