Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund (OJPF) – Closed

Amount: up to 20% of eligible project costs

Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund (OJPF) is the provincial government grant large-scale expansion exceeding $10,000,000 budget ($5,000,000 for selected industries). Ontario government contributes up to 20% of the expansion budget to the medium to large businesses expanding in Ontario. The program funds building expansion and adaptation, cost of machinery and equipment, mandatory permits and licenses fees, as well as professional service fees (e.g. engineering, recruiting, etc).

Eligibility Criteria: Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund (OJPF)

  • Company has substantive operations (generally 3 years)
  • Project has at least $10 million in eligible project costs
  • Project contributes to a priority sector like:
    • advanced manufacturing
    • life sciences
    • information and communications technology
    • strategic / anchor investments (projects that have the potential to draw additional investments that are key to the next generation of talent, innovation and productivity in Ontario)
    • food and beverage processing, and bioproduct (minimum project has at least $5 million in eligible project costs)
    • wood and forest products (minimum project has at least $5 million in eligible project costs)

Eligible Cost: Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Fund (OJPF)

  • Building innovation capacity
  • Improving productivity, performance and competitiveness
  • Expanding export and trade opportunities
  • Increasing job creation capacity.

Our Focus

Ontario Jobs & Prosperity Fund (OJPF)Examples of Projects Funded by Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund (OJPF)

Recent Strategic Investments through the Jobs and Prosperity Fund.
Source: Ontario 2016 Budget
Company Description
(January 2015)
An investment of over $50 million to leverage a total investment of over $500 million by Linamar. The investment will enable the company to develop and produce components for the next generation of fuel-efficient cars in Guelph, while creating 1,200 jobs and retaining more than 6,800 jobs.
JLABS @ Toronto
(September 2015)
An investment of over $19 million to launch JLABS @ Toronto, a new life sciences incubator created as a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson, the University of Toronto, and MaRS Discovery District. The incubator will support the growth of up to 50 promising young life sciences companies.
P&H Milling Group
(December 2015)
An investment of $5 million to leverage a total investment of $40 million by P&H Milling Group. The project will build a new flour mill in Hamilton, along with investments in state-of-the-art grain and flour storage equipment. The project will create 16 jobs while retaining 200 jobs.
IBM Canada — Ontario Centres
of Excellence Project
(February 2016)
An investment of over $22 million to leverage a total investment of almost $55 million by the Ontario Centres of Excellence and IBM Canada. The investment will provide up to 500 Ontario startups and other early-stage companies with access to technologies, working space and expertise.

Other recipients of Ontario Jobs and Prosperity Fund (OJPF).