Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF)

Amount: $80,000. Temporary Unavailable

The Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF) assists Ontario small-to-medium-sized businesses gain or increase access to the international export markets by providing non-repayable government funding to hire Export Managers.

Eligibility Criteria: Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF)

  • SMEs with a minimum of 5 employees to a maximum of 500 employees
  • Have between $1 million and $20 million in sales
  • Have export sales between 10% to 50% of annual sales. When determining eligibility based on export sales as a percentage of total annual sales, export sales to the US will not be considered if those sales result in the company moving above the 50% threshold
  • Currently established and operating in Ontario
  • Registered company (federally or provincially) for a minimum of two years
  • Able to provide a reference from the International Trade Branch of the Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Employment
  • Be in one of the following priority sectors of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment:
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Building Products and Construction
    • Clean Technology (including renewable energy, smart grid and environmental technologies)
    • Exportable Professional Services (e.g., Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning)
    • ICT including Digital Media
    • Life Sciences
  • Able to provide quotations for eligible costs included in the approved budget
  • Able to provide completed audited financial statements signed by a Canadian Designated Accountant for the two most recent fiscal years
  • Maintain an insurance policy for commercial general liability to an inclusive limit of no less than $2 million per occurrence. This insurance policy must include products and completed operations, and contractual liability insurance
  • Are in full compliance with all government laws and regulations
  • Are not receiving any other contributions from public funds towards the activities contained in the funding application except from programs funded through the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment. Any company that has previously received funds from the EMA program is only if the EMA contribution agreement has expired

Eligible Cost: Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF)

  • Salary of Export Manager

Our Focus:

  • Writing Business Plan for Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF) Program
  • Assisting in Writing Application Package
  • Assisting in Report Writing

Examples of the Projects Approved by Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF) Program

Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF)The list of the companies approved by Ontario Exporters Fund (OEF) program can be found on the program’s website.