NGen Cancelled our Booth at the Summit

In business, you must be flexible and prepared to adjust to constant changes in events and circumstances. As we’ve mentioned earlier, we registered as exhibitors at the N3 NGen Manufacturing Summit on February 8 in Toronto, paid the fees, and invited our clients to attend.

Regrettably, NGen canceled our registration as an exhibitor due to oversubscription of exhibitor spaces. They quoted the venue’s Fire Marshall’s order.

However, our Business Funding Expert, Igor Chigrin, will still attend the event as a regular attendee. We won’t have a booth there. So feel free to register, and we hope to connect at the event for a side conversation.

Why to attend?

N3 NGen Manufacturing Summit is the premier forum for advanced manufacturing in Canada. Join the event for unmissable showcases, countless networking opportunities, industry roundtables, and keynotes that chart Canada’s future in strategic advanced manufacturing.

Exclusive Discount for You

Use the discount code N3Summit40 during registration to enjoy a price reduction on your attendee pass.

Event Details

Date: February 8
Location: Toronto Congress Centre
Event Website and Registration: N3 NGen Manufacturing Summit

Connect with Igor in the Event App

When you register as an attendee, the organizer will send you an event app where you can find Igor Chigrin and even book time for a 1-on-1 meeting.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of an industry-leading event. We are looking forward to seeing you there!