[New Catalog 2017] Current & Upcoming Government Funding Programs

I won’t be long today. Just decided to provide you with a 2017 version of the Government Funding Catalog including current and upcoming programs and their details. Once you get the catalog, please read and discuss it with your colleagues as you can use some of the funding for your upcoming projects.

Simply click here to get it.

Here are some possible purposes you can get government funding for:
  • Overcome Skills Shortage;
  • Improve productivity, quality and/or make your processes more efficient;
  • Access new markets locally and/or internationally;
  • Increase manufacturing capacity or capabilities;
  • Build new or expand your existing facilities;
  • Research, develop and commercialize new products and processes;
  • Save on electricity, gas and water bills;
  • Replace or augment traditional business development financing.
Don’t delay. Read the catalog at your earliest convenience as the programs have limited budgets and deadlines. And don’t hesitate to ask us any questions regrading available funding for your business. Simply reply to this message or give us a call.


Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
647.800.5006 office
You get government financing or our grant writing is complimentary!


P.S. Anyway let us know about your upcoming projects and we’ll try to get government funding for your business.