Job Grant Is Finally Launched In Ontario!!


Dear Ontario-based business owners,As promised I am sharing good news with you as soon as I got them myself. Just a few hours ago, this morning, the Government of Ontario announced that Canada Job Grant is now accepting applications.

Here’s a quick FAQ for you to understand how you can benefit from this program.

When is Canada Job Grant good for me?

1. You have current employees and you want to send them for a training

2. You want to hire a really good individual who misses some important skills and you want to send that person for a training, and then hire

3. You educate others on how to use your products, processes, equipment, technologies, skills. In this case your clients are eligible for the grant.

4. You know someone who is in the situation of #1, 2 or 3.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You know, this is least restrictive grant I’ve ever encountered. From one-man operation to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Moreover, the industry doesn’t matter: manufacturing, services, mining, retail, as long as you promise to increase employees’ skills and pay cheque or hire new employee(s).

How much can I get from the Government?

You can get 2/3 of the training cost up to a maximum of $10,000 per trainee.

How to get started and apply asap?

1. Think about your skills training needs through the weekend.

2. Give me a call at 647-535-2970 to discuss them and confirm the eligibility.

Igor Chigrin
Business Funding Expert,

P.S. And here’s a little boost for you. Since this is a new program, I won’t charge for the first application! Note, this offer is available on first come – first serve basis. So, do not delay your call or email!