How will the Federal Election impact government funding?

As you may have heard, Canadians are called to cast their votes in the next Federal election on September 20, 2021. Here are a few items you need to know about the Federal government funding for businesses before and after the election regardless of your political preference.

  1. Decision-Making Freeze. Although all Federal government funding programs will continue to accept applications, the decisions will only be made after the new Federal government is formed. Therefore, we encourage our clients to submit applications but be patient.
  2. CanExport Renewal Delay. We expected the popular CanExport grant to be replenished in September 2021, but because it is a Federal program, it will likely open the next intake in October. To remind, CanExport provides Canadian businesses with funding to help them market in the new export markets, both digitally and traditionally.
  3. No Impact on the Provincial Funding. Federal elections have absolutely no impact on the provincial government funding programs for businesses.

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