How to Achieve Operational Excellence and Significantly Reduce Maintenance Costs?

September 18, 2017.

This is Igor Chigrin, а Business Funding Expert from Fair Grant Writing, a Canadian grant writing company. We help businesses grow and solve their most pressing challenges by unlocking the access to the government funding.

Today we’ll discuss how to achieve operational excellence and significantly reduce maintenance costs through adoption of Reliability-Centered Design and Reliability-Centered Maintenance. As you may know, Reliability-Centered Design and Maintenance help asset-intensive companies to achieve and sustain world-class operational excellence. And, by the way, there are Canadian government grants that pay for up to 83% of the training to implement the RCD & RCM program.

So, today I am excited to have Carlo Odoardi on this call. Carlo is a principal at COCO NET Inc., and a Certified RCM2 & RCM3 Practitioner.