Have you set goals for 2016? It’s right time to do it

money for goals
The year end is coming shortly, and I wonder whether you had time to set your goals for 2016. If not, it is right time to start planning. We came up with the tool that helps you determine for which of your 2016 projects you can get government funding. 

  1. Visit http://fgwinc.ca/2016-goals-priorities
  2. Submit the form, let us know your plans
  3. We will respond you within 3 business days with the list of applicable government funding programs
By the way, if you wanted to meet in person to discuss your plans you can book a call or appointment with me at http://fgwinc.ca/book.
Looking forward to helping you with financing for your projects in 2016.

Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert

647.800.5006 office | 647.535.2970 cell
You get government financing or our writing is complimentary! 
P.S. As an option, we can meet to discuss your plans at the SMART Program event in Mississauga on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. I’ll attend this event for sure and you can register here at no cost to you too. Hope to see you there.