Greenhouse Technology Network Project

Amount: up to $100,000 in project-based matching funding.

Greenhouse Technology Network is a network of research-focused centres that collaborate with small- and medium-sized organizations to advance  the development, adoption, and implementation of technologies to support the greenhouse industry.

GTN works in collaboration with Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, to support greenhouse and related technology businesses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible projects will support acceleration, development, commercialization, or adoption of technologies.
  • Eligible technologies will have the potential to lower operating costs, environmental impacts (energy consumption, resources consumption, carbon footprint), or increase overall competitiveness of greenhouse businesses.
  • Eligible technologies may be at any stage of development when the project begins.
  • Project length varies based on the level and type of assistance requested.


GTN leverages funding for a 1:1 match with our industry partners to a maximum matched amount of $100K. Investment by industry partners is made up of in-kind contributions and a 20% cash minimum.