Exhibitions 2015 for Manufacturers – Register in advance!

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you from the Caribbean! My family and I have just returned from the region. That was very nice by the way :)Anyway let’s talk with you about huge events that will take place in Ontario this year.

Probably you’ve already guessed what I want to say. This year is very interesting in terms of exhibitions, conferences, summits, etc. And this year we’are lucky to have 2 big shows in our province:
June 16 – 18, 2015 / Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON 

Design & Manufacturing Canada attracts key decision makers in design engineering, corporate and senior management, and manufacturing and production engineering visiting from top industries including automotive and transportation, engineering in systems integration and architectural services, and machinery (industrial, commercial, agricultural, and other). Their primary interests include CAD/CAM/CAE software, design services, and contract manufacturing. ( www.dm-canadashow.com )
 September 28 –October 01, 2015/ The International Center, Mississauga, ON 

CMTS is Canada’s largest manufacturing event. Held every two years, it provides a unique, hands-on learning environment in which attendees can discover revolutionary manufacturing technologies. The show welcomes more than 700 suppliers from around the world, bringing them together to present their new products and solutions, explore the latest industry trends, form valuable connections and, of course, make sales. http://cmts.ca/ )

Try not to miss these 2 large events in 2015. Register in advance. And remember that some programs cover the cost of equipment & software that you can find at these and other exhibitions:

SMART,   Western,   Eastern and  Northern Ontario grants, FedDev interest-free loans, and more.  

You can contact me any way to discuss Government programs for your this year’s business projects.

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