[Equipment Purchasing] One Program is Over – A New One is Coming

As you may know, one of the most popular programs for purchasing equipment – SMART Program – was closed on July 31, 2016. It was a really busy month for all of us. Many of you had a chance to apply for this Government funding. But not all had projects or information to start the application process. For you, guys, who still plan to purchase equipment in the nearest future I have good news. 

In October 2016 a green version of the SMART program is coming. Here are some eligibility criteria:

  • Must have minimum 10 full-time equivalent employees
  • Must be located anywhere in Ontario
  • Funding is available for capital investment projects that will deliver emission reductions, energy efficiency technologies.
  • Annual greenhouse gas emissions must be under 25,000 tonnes per year
  • Project must support reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity and/or avoidance through upgrades to process/production equipment
  • Project must lead to productivity improvements, which in turn lead to lower GHG emissions on per-production-unit basis.

The best point is that you can get 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $200,000. Multi-facility projects capped to 5 facilities get up to a maximum of $500,000.

This funding can be used for equipment purchases as well as for an Independent Assessment Audit.

If you’re interested in these great opportunities for your business, contact us right now and we’ll put you on a waiting list to update you as soon as more program details are released. 


Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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