[Employing Canadian Reservists?] Get Funding When They Are On The Mission

It is a great honour for me to inform you about the special funding opportunity to help you hire and retain Canadian Reservists.   

Employers are compensated for operational losses when reservists take time away from work to serve on military operations.

Let me remind you that the Reservist is a member of the following two sub-components of the Canadian Reserve Force:

  • Primary Reserve.  The Primary Reserve structure includes the Naval Reserve, the Army Reserve, the Air Reserve, the Health Services Reserve and the Legal Reserve.
  • Canadian Rangers.  The Canadian Rangers are reservists in sparsely settled areas that cannot be supported conveniently or economically by other Canadian Armed Forces components.

Now let’s see what this special funding program offers.

For example, an employer whose employee deployed for 10 weeks in 2016 would qualify for a grant of $4,223:  $54,900/52 weeks X 10 weeks x 40% OR approximately $422 per week.

The maximum number of weeks that can be claimed is 78 weeks (18 months) of active military duty including any pre-deployment training, deployment and post-deployment activities that are mandatory and part of the mission.

The application must be submitted no later than 12 months following the reservist’s return from active military duty, so check your payroll records, and let us know if that was the case. We will be honoured to help you write the application.

Igor Chigrin

Business Funding Expert
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