Costs Going Up? Introducing Cost Reduction Service

Over the past 11 years in the grant writing business, we analyzed hundreds of financial statements and built hundreds of compelling financial forecasts for our clients. Our analysts regularly perform financial metrics calculations and identify cost reduction opportunities.

We are pleased to introduce our Cost Reduction & Recovery Service.

  • Does your business suffer losses?
  • Do you feel that your business is losing more money than expected?
  • Do expenses go out of control?

If so, the service may be right for your business.

Our Approach to Cost Reduction & Recovery

  • Analyze your financial statements and the interim statements for the past 3 fiscal years.
  • Calculate key financial metrics.
  • Compare the metrics to the industry benchmarks.
  • Identify gaps, improvement, expense reduction and recovery opportunities.
  • Develop an individual Plan to reduce and recover business expenses.
  • Implement the Plan (if applicable).

Learn more about the Cost Reduction & Recovery solution on our website.