Client’s Success Story: Over 200K for Food Manufacturer

We’re excited to share with you another success story from our client, a commercial bakery with multiple locations in the Toronto area, that has recently succeeded in securing over 200K in grants for equipment purchasing and ERP implementation.

The funding helped the company significantly improve its processes, quality, inventory management and bottom line by implementing an ERP system. The bakery also purchased an Automated Injecting Line to fill homogenous creams or jams. Currently, the business employs over 400 employees and serves large wholesale clients.

As a result of the project facilitated by the grants, the company:

  • Increased production throughput by 10 to 20%
  • Reduced labour costs per line by 72%
  • Increased revenue by 30%
  • Reduced raw material waste by 10%
  • Improved consistency and weight of the products
  • Made real-time analytics available on their production line
  • Created over 60 new jobs

We look forward to more achievements and exciting results for our client as we are working on applying for grants for international marketing and skills training.

As the Federal and provincial governments have recently tabled their 2024 fiscal year budgets, make sure to explore all the government funding opportunities available for your business to drive its growth and reach new horizons.