Career Focus (Employment and Social Development Canada)

Amount: $20,000 per employee hired

Career Focus provides funding for employers and organizations to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth make more informed career decisions and develop their skills.

Eligibility Criteria: Career Focus

Participating host employers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a for-profit business

Prospective participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Between the ages of 15 and 30 (inclusive) at the time of intake/selection;
  • Post-secondary graduates;
  • Out of school;
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada;
  • Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations;
  • Not in receipt of employment insurance (EI) benefits.

Eligible Cost: Career Focus

  • Income support to participants (wages) based on the prevailing wage rate for the occupation and mandatory employment-related costs (MERCs) for participants;
  • Additional support to cover all or part of the incremental costs for individuals to participate, such as dependent care, travel or transportation;
  • Other support to cover the cost of items associated with the youth’s participation, including disability supports;
  • Overhead costs required to carry out the project, including wages and employment-related costs for staff; and,
  • Costs associated with central administrative functions of the applicant organization that are used to support agreement activities.

Our Focus

  • Writing application package for Career Focus program
  • Assisting in application submission
  • Assisting in report writing