Canada-Prince Edward Island Job Grant

Amount: $10,000 per trainee

If a company located in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, is planning to train new or existing employees who lack the skills required in your business, Canada-PEI Job Grant can contribute up to 2/3 of the direct training costs. The company will be required to contribute the remaining 1/3 of the direct training costs.

Eligibility Criteria: Canada-PEI Job Grant

Eligible employers include:

  • Registered private sector business
  • Organization acting on behalf of a group of employers (e.g. employer consortia, industry associations and sector council businesses )
  • Band/tribal councils

Eligible Cost: Canada-PEI Job Grant

  • Tuition Fees/Training Fees
  • Mandatory Student Fees
  • Textbooks, software and or required materials
  • Examination Fees

Our Focus:

  • Writing Application for Canada-Prince Edward Island Job Grant
  • Writing Trainee Registration forms for CPEIJG
  • Assisting in Report Writing

Examples of Projects Funded by Canada-PEI Job Grant:

Canada-PEI Job GrantThere is no publicly available information on the award of Canada-PEI Job Grant. Stay tuned for updates.