[Breaking News] This New Government Funding Program is Really Huge!

Having more than 5-year experience in the grant writing business I thought there’s nothing that could surprise me. Yet the recent announcement of the new Federal Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) has blown my mind.

Here is a couple of highlights for you to get a sense of the program:

  • There are four streams of the program:50% of the eligible cost is paid by the government. No maximum cap yet.
    • Stream 1 funds R&D and commercialization throughout the technology life cycle.
    • Stream 2 funds business expansion or improvements for manufacturers and technology companies.
    • Stream 3 funds investment in new production or R&D that did not exist in Canada.
    • Stream 4 funds industry-academia R&D collaboration projects.
  • Business of all industries can apply.
  • Business of all sizes can apply.
  • Business all across Canada can apply.
  • The funding is allocated for 5 years.

As you can see, this is a big incentive program available for businesses of all sizes. The program is currently open for applications. To take advantage of this funding immediately, reply to this email and we will discuss the eligibility of your upcoming project for the SIF.


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